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Announcing, just in time for Chanukah and Humanitarian Mission to the Jews of Cuba, the release of the new CD "The Last Night of Chanukah", an evening of music and stories with Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield zt'l, recorded live concert in Ashland, OR, December 2000. Rabbi Hirschfield's CDs are produced by the Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield Legacy Trust. 2 attachments: Front and Back cover of the CD.

Elisha and Dov Hirschfield, twins age 11 who attend Ainsworth Elementary Spanish Immersion program, will be going on a special mission this Chanukah. They will be the two youth ambassadors of a humanitarian mission to Cuba led by Rabbi Yitz and Shonna Husbands-Hankin of Temple Beth Israel, Eugene, OR, that will be visiting four Jewish Cuban communities December 9- 16.

Dov said, "Los Jubanos, the Jews of Cuba, need just about everything. We'll be bringing with us crutches, personal lice eradication kits from "Lice Meeting You Company" here in Portland, soccer equipment, toys, and Spanish books for kids."

Elisha said, "But most importantly we'll be bringing down the songs, stories, and holy teachings of our Abba, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield , his memory is a blessing. Abba's new CD "The Last Night of Chanukah" which is a recording of his Chanukah concert in Ashland in December 2000, the year before we were born, will be ready just in time for Chanukah and our Mission to Cuba!"

Asha Slater, founding member and first president of the Jewish Renewal Congregation, P'nai Or of Portland, who made the original recording of the concert said, "It was an evening of music, songs, stories, and holy teachings with Reb Aryeh (zt'l). Everything he did is in it, and I am so thankful that we all have the special opportunity to share in the spirit of that evening and beyond in the release of this CD 'The Last Night of Chanukah' that was re-mastered this year."

Shonna Husbands-Hankin, Judaica artist and co-leader of the mission to Cuba said, "The Jews of Cuba, 1,500 strong, have struggled to maintain their Jewish identity since the revolution of 1959. In recent years the Cuban government has allowed religious groups to appeal to world-wide faith organizations for 'People to People' missions. They are asking for materials that will help them connect to their Jewish heritage, and we are so happy to bring to our Cuban brothers and sisters our traditional Chanukah music and the beautiful modern Chanukah melodies composed by Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield zt'l, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach zt'l, and Rabbi Yitz Husbands-Hankin (b'h'z'y) contained in this recording of an intimate Chanukah evening concert with Rabbi Aryeh."

Dov further explained, "This mission is a big deal. We had to get permission from the US Treasury Department. Also I am proud that in one of the synagogues that we will be visiting, the community has created a pharmacy for the donated medicines, medical supplies and equipment, and all of this is shared with all the people that need it, Jewish or not."

Elisha said, "The most interesting thing I've learned about the Cuban Jews was from the documentary 'Los Jubanos'. The president of of one of the Jewish communities that we'll be visiting had the opportunity to invite Fidel Castro to the community's Chanukah party. Mr. Castro said, 'What's Chanukah?' She responded, 'It's about the Jewish Revolution', and he came to the party!"

The new CD "The Last Night of Chanukah" , an evening of music and stories with Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, zt'l, recorded live in Ashland, OR, December 2000, and re-mastered in 2012, will be released in time for Chanukah, December 2, B"H. The CDs will be available at P'nai Or of Portland Gift Shop, Everything Jewish, and on-line at Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield Legacy Trust . Elisha and Dov's mother and wife of the late Rabbi Hirschfield, Beth Hirschfield said, "From the sale of each CD, $5 will be donated to the Cuba Mission."

Contact for Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield Legacy Trust : Beth Hirschfield,, 503-679-7978.

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